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CP Beta Gear

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say DON’T USE CP BETA GEAR! For those of you who don’t know what CP Beta Gear is, it is a website that was realeased on May 1, 2010 where you can sign-up and get your own beta hat. Sounds pretty good right? Well theres a twist. The person who created CP Beta Gear had the idea in mind to ban all penguins. Moderators are banning penguins right and left who used CP Beta Gear. Also it’s not safe at all. After you sign-up you are taken to a page called “signup.php”,which collects your IP. This means the creators can find out where you live. So basically, if you don’t want to get banned and you want to stay safe, don’t use CP Beta Gear. Also, remember to tell all of your friends NOT TO USE CP BETA GEAR!

~Waddle On!~

~Ashley Di

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